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2020/21 CDT students finalise their MSc Projects!

It is with great excitement we can confirm our second cohort of CDT students have now finalised their MSc projects.

The students have shown real resilience during these trying times, and have produced project proposals of a very high standard, despite dealing with the changes to teaching methods. All of them have adapted their ideas to fit with current teaching and research methods and have shown just how committed they are to their research.

The projects are as follows:

Amie Owen – Automation for the ornamentals sector

Bradley Hurst – 3D image segmentation of potato sprouts in a controlled environment

David Churchill – Machine learning approaches to weed detection

Elijah Almanzor – Deep reinforcement learning for control of robotic manipulators for grasping strawberries in simulation

Haihui Yan – Simulation of a liquid crystal elastomer robotic gripper

Haris Matsantonis – Investigation of the use of geometric algebra for robotic kinematic and dynamic analysis with applications in selective harvesting

Harry Rogers – Deployment: the next stage of machine learning

Jack Foster – Multi-agent approaches to crop yield optimisation- soil moisture prediction

Joshua Davy – Optimal control for an agricultural spraying robot

Mazvydas Gudelis – Detection and segmentation of fish in RGB-D images

Ni Wang – Multi-robot crop monitor

William Rohde – Mass estimation for iceberg lettuce

To read more about each of the students and their projects, visit their profile pages here.

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