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Haris Matsantonis

Charalampos (Haris) Matsantonis is originally from Greece but has been living in Brighton for the past 4 years. Previously his study has focused on the areas of mathematics, obtaining a PgC in Mathematics from the Open University and an MSc in Applied Mathematics from Herriot-Watt University. He has already taken part in a series of research activities in the fields of machine learning and sustainability. Haris would like to investigate the cross-section between mathematics and robotics and devise new computational tools to table challenging problems in robotic manipulation. He is looking forward to applying his knowledge to the areas of robot vision and human-robot interaction, with particular focus on geometric algebra. Haris will be studying his PhD at the University of Cambridge. In his spare time, Haris likes to read books about astrophysics and play basketball (probably not at the same time!).

MSc Project
PhD Project

Investigation of the use of Geometric Algebra for robotic kinematic and dynamic analysis with applications in selective harvesting

In this project we will investigate the use of the mathematical framework of Geometric Algebra (GA) in 3D reconstruction based on an autonomous strawberry picking system. Conventionally, linear and vector algebra are used to investigate the challenges arising in 3D reconstruction and pose estimation. However, the solutions are often non-geometric and involve symbolic manipulation to produce derivatives. Using GA, we get a common algebraic framework in which vision and kinematics can be expressed. We aim to produce a robust framework for solving the problems arising in stereo vision for 3D reconstruction, and motion estimation of omni-drive fruit picking systems via advanced GA models.

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