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James Bennett attends CIC

By James Bennett

In November I travelled to Paris to attend the 31st Colour and Imaging Conference (CIC) along with a small contingent from UEA’s Colour and Imaging Lab, including my supervisor Graham Finlayson. There, I presented the paper Graham and I wrote titled ‘Simplifying Tone Curves for Image Enhancement’ to good reception. We were delighted that our paper won the ‘Robert W.G. Hunt Best Paper Award’.

I arrived before the conference began to take advantage of some training courses on offer that were being delivered by international experts. I partook in courses on colour and imaging fundamentals, high dynamic range imaging, and advanced colorimetry. It was good to bring together many of the topics I had encountered over the last year and learn about new ideas and consider how they might be useful to my work.

I also got a moment to take in some of the sights in Paris during a brief pause in the schedule. However, the best views to be had were from the conference reception that was held on the 24th floor of the Sorbonne University’s Zamansky Tower which offered almost panoramic views of the city.

During the conference itself, I was pleased the presentation and our work was well received by others at the conference. Our work looks at the shape of tone curves which are widely used across imaging, in particular for image enhancement. In our paper, we propose a definition of simple curves and present a method by which the simple approximation of a wiggly curve may be found. People attended CIC from across the spectra of academic disciplines, industries, career stages and expertise whom I enjoyed having conversations with.

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