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Industry collaboration continues with Harry and Syngenta

Cohort 2 student Harry Rogers is working with agrochemical and seed specialists Syngenta, on his PhD project ‘Closing the Loop on Precision Spraying’ at the University of East Anglia.

We asked Harry to tell us a little about the work he has been doing, and his experiences of collaborating so closely with a global leader in the industry.

During my PhD, I undertook an industry placement with Syngenta, which has proved to be a pivotal part of my research. This collaboration was primarily focused on gathering data relevant to my thesis, which explores precision spraying evaluation.

Working with Syngenta, I gained first-hand experience in applying methodologies to practical use cases. This experience was invaluable in understanding the complexities of real-world applications of my research. The data I collected during this time is crucial for my thesis.

Networking was another significant benefit of this collaboration. Interacting with professionals in the field, I expanded my understanding of the industry and established contacts that will be valuable for future research or career opportunities.

I also observed the importance of infrastructure in facilitating effective research and development. Access to Syngenta’s advanced facilities and technologies highlighted how essential resources and proper infrastructure are in conducting high-level research and achieving tangible outcomes.

In summary, my industry placement with Syngenta was a highly productive part of my PhD journey. It has provided me with essential data, expanded my professional network, and underscored the importance of infrastructure in any type of research.

Selective spraying magic at Syngenta

This is a great example of how much students can gain from working with the AgriFoRwArdS Industry Partners, and vice-versa! Thanks for sharing Harry.

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