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PhenomUK Phenotyping robotics workshop

In February 2020 Karoline attended a Phenotyping Robotics Workshop at King’s College London,

Here is what Karoline had to say about the experience

In February I had the pleasure of joining a multidisciplinary workshop on robotic phenotyping led by Prof. Tony Pridmore (University of Nottingham) and Prof. Elizabeth Sklar (King’s College London, University of Lincoln). In the morning we were introduced to the current state of the art and the main challenges of robotic phenotyping, both from a biologist’s and a roboticist’s perspective. Through some hands-on exercises we then learned about the basics of image classification and familiarised ourselves with controlling LEGO-based Pistorms robots. In the afternoon we split into teams for a Hackathon challenge and attempted to design and program our robots to find and identify different artificial plants across the room. It was a great opportunity to exchange experiences with other PhD students and researchers attending the workshop and it provided a lot of inspiration for my own PhD research.

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