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William Rohde

William Rohde is from Cambridge and following his MSc year will be returning to Cambridge to study his PhD. William is looking forward to being able to work in agriculture and robotics, at this exciting time, and to contribute to the transformation of robots from industrial machines into safe devices operating in human environments. William has previously worked as a Mechanical Engineer at an agri-robotics start up, where he integrated robotics arms with locomotion platforms, vision sensors and safety devices, as well as designing custom end effectors and packing machines. William is particularly interested in soft robotics and manipulation, as well as human-robot collaboration and interaction. Since leaving his position as a mechanical engineer he has built simple soft fluidic elastomer actuator devices, and this is where he would like to centre his research.

MSc Project
PhD Project

Non-destructive mass estimation of Iceberg Lettuce

This project aims to develop a non-destructive mass estimation method for iceberg lettuce based on parameter estimation using the dynamic response of the plant to an input signal. Currently, in industry, the mass of an iceberg lettuce is measured destructively. A non-destructive method for mass estimation would enable measurements to be taken throughout a plant’s life to track growth.

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