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Elijah Almanzor

Elijah Almanzor is originally from the Philippines but moved to England when he was nine. He has always been interested in robotics and completed a Mechanical Engineering degree. Elijah enjoyed his degree, however it didn’t quite allow him to delve deeply in to robotics, which is one of the reasons he’s so excited to join the CDT. Elijah is looking forward to coming to Lincoln and enjoying the quintessential English town feeling. Elijah will be going on to study his PhD at the University of Cambridge and says it would, “be an honour to do my research at the University that Newton, Turing and Hawking went to”. He is currently very interested in designing more intelligent soft robots for soft/delicate harvest picking. In his spare time Elijah loves to play guitar, and has recently picked up skateboarding, so is looking forward to exploring the skateparks around Lincoln.

MSc Project
PhD Project

Deep Reinforcement Learning for Control of Robotic Manipulators for Grasping Strawberries in Simulation


To be confirmed