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Amie Owen

Amie Owen is originally from York but currently lives in Lincoln.  Amie has spent the last five years working in electrical engineering, in the automotive sector. Prior to this Amie studied Chemical Engineering at the University of Leeds. Amie is very interested in the electrical systems and software which enable autonomous driving in vehicles. She would like to apply this interest by exploring the application of autonomous systems, and robotics use, in agriculture, focusing particularly on machine learning and artificial intelligence. Amie is keen to carry out more research-based work to investigate future technologies and knows it is an exciting but challenging time for the agri-food industry. Amie’s long-term goal is to be in a role where she can contribute to reducing the environmental impact of agricultural practices and preserve wildlife. In her spare time Amie likes to cycle, read and play the ukulele. Amie will be carrying out her PhD study at the University of Lincoln.

MSc Project
PhD Project

Automation for the ornamentals sector

This project involves developing a simulation using Python and Mesa (a multi-agent simulation platform) to model a team of workers at a strawberry farm. The procedure of allocating picking tasks to all workers on the farm, especially when there are several fields to pick and the packing station is not stationary, is not a trivial one and so the simulation aims to provide a solution for task allocation which gives an improved efficiency for total picking time as compared to current methods used. The simulation will involve ‘bidding’ for tasks in a very similar way to some of those that can be seen to be effective for robot task allocation in a multi-robot team.

Once the workers have filled their trolleys with punnets of strawberries, they must travel to and then queue at the packing station. I aim to implement a solution for reducing the queuing time for workers by tweaking the task allocation process to include a ‘queuing factor’.

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