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Karoline Heiwolt

My name is Karoline, I am from Germany, and I joined the CDT in September 2019. I have a background in neuroscience and robotics and I am especially interested in the research areas of 3D perception, sensor fusion, and mobile autonomy. I chose to join this CDT because the development of robots for agricultural applications offers many interesting real-world challenges that could have a great positive impact on a sustainable global food chain. I am currently working on my PhD with Grzegorz Cielniak at the University of Lincoln alongside a brilliant cohort of fellow PhD students with different backgrounds.

MSc Project
PhD Project

Semantic Segmentation of Plant Leaves from 3D Point Clouds using Deep Learning

In this project we aim to address the problem of semantically segmenting plant leaves from the background and other plant organs in three-dimensional point clouds of individual plants captured by RGBD sensors. Previous work utilises explicit prior knowledge about the expected plant morphology and sensor set-up, as well as manually tuned parameters to achieve this segmentation. Here we propose to train a supervised machine learning algorithm to predict the segmentation output directly from point cloud data and minimise the necessary user input.

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