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Josh Davy

Joshua Davy is coming to Lincoln from Clitheroe in East Lancashire. Joshua is looking forward to the modern University of Lincoln and the large range of facilities it has to offer, such as the Riseholme Campus. Joshua is “passionate about all things robotics and engineering”. He is interested in applying robotics to everyday life and wants to transfer solutions found in the lab, to real world viability, with applicability to crop harvesting and efficient farming. In his spare time Joshua enjoys playing the guitar, rock climbing and being outdoors. Following completion of the MSc, Joshua will be staying at Lincoln to carry out his PhD study.

MSc Project
PhD Project

Optimal Control for a Agricultural Spraying Robot

In this project, the control of a weed spraying robot is formalised to maximise the efficiency of motion and the amount of weeds sprayed. Existing solutions are based on “stop and spray” techniques, where the robot stops before moving the sprayer, then spraying the weed and then continuing. In this work, the aim is formalise the motion planning of the arm in order to have continuous motion for the arm and robot base. This will then be evaluated on a  simulated robot environment where the number of weeds successfully tracked and sprayed can be compared.

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